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Thank you for making QEP the preferred choice for the purchase of your new product. We are dedicated to engineering value and performance into all of our products and know that you will enjoy the reliability of the QEP brand for many years to come. To register your new product for the one year warranty, simply submit the requested information below. The information you provide is necessary to process any eligible claim in a quick and efficient manner. All information remains private, confidential and the exclusive property of QEP Co., Inc.

Only the products listed below carry a one-year product warranty. For information about our extended three-year warranty offer on select products, please call (561) 994-5550 in the USA, (905) 791-4444 in Canada and 01800-221-58-53 in Mexico. All other products carry a standard 90 day warranty.


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Warranty information must be received within 30 days from date of purchase to qualify for validation. This warranty may not apply in your country. We ask that you contact your local retailer/distributor or the Roberts subsidiary located in your country for special warranty details.
Para que la garantía sea válida, la información de la misma debe recibirse dentro de los 30 días de la fecha de compra. La presente garantía puede no ser aplicable en su país. Le solicitamos que se comunique con su minorista/distribuidor local Roberts o con nuestra subsidiaria en su área para interiorizarse acerca de detalles específicos de la garantía.
Les renseignements concernant la garantie doivent être reçus dans les 30 jours suivant la date d'achat afin d'être approuvèe. Cette garantie peut ne pas s'appliquer dans votre pays. Nous vous demandons de communiquer avec votre distributeur ou votre dètaillant Roberts local ou encore avec notre filiale qui se trouve dans votre pays, pour obtenir les détails au sujet de la garantie spèciale.
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